"He heals the brokenhearted, binding up their injuries" Psalm 147:3

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"CCM Medical Missions is not just about the physical, but also spiritual health, providing medical care to people in need while showing them Christ's love."

CCM Medical Director

Dr. Ariana Cordero

Dr. Ariana Morales and Sponsorship Director Roger Hurtado share the need for medical care in our barrio communities in Nicaragua.

Imagine you live in a Nicaraguan barrio with no running water or electricity. You have little to no access to healthcare. You have no funds for transportation or medicines.

Now imagine your child is sick. Your 6-year-old son is feverish, trembling and says 'I don't feel good.' Imagine your elderly mom has stopped eating. She doesn't have the strength to sit up in bed. You don't know what to do.

It's hard to comprehend, right?


Thankfully, CCM has many medical teams each year to come to serve here in Nicaragua, but our vision is to provide on-going medical care to the children in our sponsorship program and families in the barrios.

We are excited to announce Dr. Ariana Cordero as our new CCM Medical Missions Director! Ariana will host medical teams throughout the year, help launch new medical initiatives for sponsored children and serve teams as a translator.


WILL YOU JOIN THE MOVEMENT to bring sustainable medical care to the poorest of communities in Nicaragua?

INTERESTED IN BRINGING a medical team? CCM has numerous teams each year from medical schools, churches, and universities. Fill out the form below or call 864-599-0067


Your one time gift will help provide valuable resources as we kick-off this new Medical Mission effort in Nicaragua!


We're looking for 40 monthly sponsors to help us provide basic medical care to thousands of Nicaraguan children and families.

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