Sue B.

Christ Community Church - St. Charles IL

"What a life changing experience. I just got back from a week with CCM and my heart is just filled with such joy at what CCM is doing in Nicaragua. I can't wait to sponsor a child from the Timal village. I can't wait to go back. I miss those kids so much, but their beautiful faces and joy-filled spirit will stay with me forever."

Grace Y.

Texas A&M University - College Station, TX

“For me, going to Nicaragua was a breath of fresh soon as I stepped off of the plane in Managua, the Lord met me. The anxiety, doubt, and worries that I had been feeling evaporated, and I was left in awe of a Creator who chooses to use broken, messed up people like me in His plans for His glory...I already can't wait to go back!"

Nicole P.

Johnson Ferry Christian Academy - Marietta, GA

"This is my fourth time in Nicaragua and I couldn’t imagine working with another ministry. Such a delightful and holy spirit driven team. They made each person feel welcomed, befriended, and right at home. I also love the hot culture of Nicaragua. Such inviting and hospitable people."

Bert W.

Pastor, Mountain Creek Baptist - Greenville, SC

"We love Chosen Children Ministries because they connect families to a local church in every barrio where they are serving...they will continue to be taught the Word of God, continue to be served and they will be equipped to go and serve others as well. That's going to continue to help them in their walk with Christ. "

Michael S.

The Heights Baptist Church - Colonial Heights, VA

My first mission trip was with CCM. God changed my life that week as he revealed to me how blessed I am. "To whom much is given, much is expected" It redefined for me words like, hope, poverty, love, graciousness, and need.”

Pat C.

Philippi Baptist Church - Union, SC

“I see how much the CCM staff really care about the people of Nicaragua and would trust them to use any resources provided in the best way. I have loved every trip I have made and have learned to truly love the people there. I pray God will continue to bless CCM abundantly.”





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