It's Travel Day!

What you need to know as you prepare to depart on your mission trip to Nicaragua


You've been planning for months - fundraising, packing, praying, meeting with your team, looking at photos, researching Nicaragua, wondering what it's going to be like. It's FINALLY HERE! Below you'll find useful info about what to do before, during and after your flight. We're excited to meet you and have been praying for God's blessing! If you have any questions feel free to call 864-599-0067,, or text 864-381-7691

Travel Day Info

Packing List

  • Bible, Journal & Pen
  • Clean, crisp U.S. currency in $1’s, 5’s, 10’s and 20’s for spending money
  • Clean crisp $10 bill as your entrance fee at Immigration in Nicaragua
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Modest clothes - (shorts are fine)
  • Comforable shoes
  • Soap, shampoo
  • Bug spray with deet
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Pepto tablets, immodium (just in case)
  • Roll of travel size toilet paper
  • Light-weight blanket if you get cold at night (rooms do have A/C)
  • Water bottle
  • Wear your CCM T-shirt as you travel so your team leader can keep track of the team and it helps us identify you at the airport in Managua

At your home airport

  1. Got your PASSPORT?
  2. When you check your luggage, be sure to keep your BAGGAGE CLAIM TAG. Most of the time they will attach it to your ticket at the check in counter
  3. Keep your boarding pass and a pen handy (you'll need it on the plane)
  4. Stay together as a team

On the plane

  • Drink lots of water so you stay hydrated
  • About an hour from landing, the flight attendant will give you a Travelers Declaration Form. This is where you'll need your pen. One of the questions is your forseen address:
Ministerio Ninos Escogidos KM 39.5 Carretera Tipitapa Los Altos, Masaya
  • Another question is if you have fever, cough, diarahhea, etc. SAY NO
  • Sample Form (might vary slightly):

When you arrive in Nicaragua

  • As you exit the plane have your Passport and Travelers Declaration Form ready.
  • After you exit the plane you’ll walk down a long hallway. Just before you go down the escalator, you'll encounter airport personnel who will check the Travelers Declaration form briefly to see if you checked yes on fever/cough and then give it back to you. Keep this form on hand.
  • At the bottom of the escalator you will be in the Immigration area where you will progress to a booth, be asked to show your passport, the declaration form and pay a $10 entrance fee. They will give the declaration form back to you. They may ask the purpose of your visit - just say mission trip.
  • After you exit Immigration, proceed to baggage claim. Don't be intimidated, but you'll find lots of friendly Nicaraguans who wish to help with your luggage. Unless you are able to carry your own luggage, I would decline their assistance. Your team leader may elect to have all the team luggage transported on carts. This is perfectly fine. They will expect a tip. $10 is a fair amount.
  • Once you have your luggage, exit straight ahead where you may be asked to show your luggage tag (remember that from when you checked in at your airport?).
  • Then proceed up the ramp and you will be asked to hand over the Travelers Declaration Form (you're finally free of that peice of paper).
  • After this you will place ALL your luggage (including carry-on) on a conveyer belt for a final security scan. Occasionally team members are asked to have their luggage hand-checked. Don't worry!
  • After retrieving your luggage from the scanner, exit to the left, but DON'T GO straight ahead through the glass doors into the terminal. TURN RIGHT and GO THROUGH THE GLASS DOORS THE OUTSIDE. Again, you'll find lots of people wanting to help carry your luggage. Say no thank you.
  • Finally, members of our staff will be there looking for your CCM T-Shirt and will direct you down the sidewalk to the right to our CCM vehicles
  • That's it! You have arrived!

To the CCM Mission Campus

  • The drive to our Masaya Campus is about 30 minutes. Once you arrive, our staff will unload your luggage and provide instructions to your room. Your team leader may already have room assignments.
  • Once your luggage is in your room, we'll have a light lunch/snack in our dining hall.
  • After lunch, one of our staff members will meet with the team for orientation and answer any questions you may have.
  • Welcome to Nicaragua!

For your family

In the event of an emergency you can contact us in our U.S. office at 864-0067 during regular business hours or Darrell Cothran anytime at 864-357-5549. You can also email us at





P.O. Box 126

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