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Texas A&M Student Trip

More than 12,000 people have come to Nicaragua with CCM to have a Life-Changing Mission Experience. We don't offer opportunities for individuals to travel to Nicaragua, but partner with churches, businesses, schools across the country bring teams that make disciples, build homes, feed families, conduct medical clinics, Bible studies and much more.


CCM has planted dozens of churches by training pastors in our 3 year Pacific Bible Institute, purchasing land, constructing facilities and drilling a wells. We believe the church is a hub in each community providing the pastor and U.S. teams opportunities to minister to children and families. Additionally, the Church is the center of child sponsorship in the community.


CCM currently works in dozens of communities where we have planted churches. We build homes for families who live in plastic homes with dirt floors, drill fresh water wells for cooking and bathing, dig latrines for proper sanitation, provide clothing, basic medical supplies and sanitary items. In addition, we have provided over 1 million meals and counting to families in Nicaragua.

CC Sponsored Child with Report Card

We believe in long-term investment and relationships in the barrio communities. Too often we see children suffering from lack of nutrition and no education. Families are locked into generational poverty seemingly with no way out. Child Sponsorship provides each child access to Nutrition, Education and School Supplies, Basic Medical, Biblical Discipleship and Clean Water.

Christ Community Church Yellow Bag

The Genesis Project helps individuals and families with Education through the Yellow Bag Project which provides school supplies, uniforms and Discipleship. Business Development allows us to help families start small businesses and learn business principles to support their family. Project Harvest helps farmers by using our tractors and implements to plant crops to feed their family and community.


Thankfully, CCM has many medical teams each year to serve in Nicaragua. Our vision is to provide on-going care for the children in our sponsorship program and their families. Additionally, our new Medical Director, Ariana Cordero, will help launch new initiatives and host teams of medical professionals from clinics, medical schools, churches, dental and vision clinics and more. www.ccm.life/medical

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WHO WE ARE: We are a faith based, non-profit organization that seeks to make Christ known by transforming communities in Nicaragua.

WHAT WE DO: We seek to impact families and create sustainable growth through humanitarian aid, child sponsorship, church planting, drilling wells, education, economic development and more.

HOW WE DO IT: We provide life-changing mission experiences by partnering with churches, universities and businesses as they provide resources and travel to Nicaragua for short-term mission trips.




CCM doesn't have opportunities available for individuals to come down to Nicaragua, but we would love to talk with you about bringing a team from your Church, School, University or Business on a short-term mission trip to Nicaragua. For questions please call: 864-599-0067 or fill out the following form:

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