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Why is child sponsorship so important? It gives underserved children a chance at success in life. At the same time, it provides their basic needs like food, medical care, education, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What is CCM Child Sponsorship?

The core of our ministry work in Central America is Church Planting, sharing the Gospel of Christ, and Making Disciples. We do this primarily through short-term mission teams who come to build homes, drill water wells, provide nutrition, children and youth programs, education opportunities, business development, and much more. Our goal is to partner with families by identifying needs and helping to create sustainability. CCM Sponsorship is a ministry of our local church in your child's community and a partnership with the child's parents or guardians. They must sign a commitment to keep their child in school, help them with homework, make sure their child attends our weekly Bible Clubs, and more. As a Child Sponsor, you will profoundly impact a child's life in a very personal, effective way. You are not only investing in the life of that child, but you are helping to transform their community economically and spiritually.

How many people sponsor each child?

In keeping with our strategy to build long-term relationships, each child has only one sponsor. We want your child to know you as an essential part of their lives, that someone loves them, and there is a loving God who cares for them as well.

Can I write to my child? How often will I receive a letter?

Absolutely! Communicating with your child is a great way to share your life and become an essential part of their lives as well. It's a great encouragement for them to hear from you. We use our website tools and your account with CCM for communication. Homes in our barrio's do not have traditional addresses or even mailboxes. Share about your work, family, church, and faith in Christ. You can also send photos to your child. We ask that you refrain from sharing about material possessions. Your letter and pictures are delivered to your child each month. When your child writes you back, you will receive an email with a link to your account to see your child's letter and photos. In general, expect to receive a letter from your child every three months (see schedule below by community and month). When you write your child the process takes some time, so if you don't hear from them right away, don't worry. Here's the schedule for 2020 January / April / July / October:

  • San Gabriel, Marvin Salazar, Rosario Murillo, and Renacer
February / May / August / November:
  • El Timal, The Flags, Eugenio Perez, Emmanuel
March / June / September / December
  • Mt. Zion, Paradise, El Tunel, Square 91

More info on how to write your child here

How long will I sponsor my child?

Your child essentially becomes a part of your family. As such, your ongoing sponsorship provides for the basic needs of nutrition, education, and medical care. Your investment helps them progress through school as your child, and their family becomes independent.

Can I send money or gifts to my child?

Because of our commitment to transparency and accountability, we are not able to dispense cash to families. A gift of money does not necessarily ensure responsible spending or sustainability. Every dollar counts for us. On occasion, you may wish to bless your child with a special gift beyond your monthly sponsorship. Some sponsors may want to provide birthday gifts such as a bicycle, extra food, shoes, etc. This is a great blessing! It is accomplished through your online account with a minimum gift amount of $50. Why $50? If you have been on a mission trip with CCM, you understand the logistics involved with travel to rural communities. A considerable amount of resources are required for staff, fuel, and travel. A gift of $50 or more allows us to be the best stewards of your hard-earned dollars and provide meaningful gifts for your child. When you make a special gift, our staff goes shopping once a month to purchase the item you specify. We will take a photo of your child and their gift(s) and upload them to your account. CAN I SEND PHYSICAL GIFTS TO MY CHILD? Homes in our communities do not have mailboxes or even mail service. Shipping items directly to Nicaragua is cost-prohibitive with multiple layers of customs issues. However, you can send items that would fit in a 9"x12" envelope (stickers, coloring books, small jewelry, bookmarks, colored pencils, etc.) to our office, and we will take them down with a visiting mission team as luggage.

What does it cost to sponsor a child and what do they receive?

Your monthly donation of only $35 is specific to your child. It provides HOPE and so much more: • NUTRITION: The majority of families in the barrio communities in Nicaragua live below the poverty line, and the unemployment rate is more than 60%! Sponsored children and their parents come to our churches once per month to receive a large food bag with beans, rice, oil, spices, hygiene products, cereal, milk, sugar, salt, sardines, and much more. For some families, this is the only food they have. During the food distribution time, families are taught the Word of God from our local Pastor. • EDUCATION: Only 29% of barrio children complete elementary school. Education is key to helping children overcome the cycle of poverty. Each child must attend school, and teachers give us regular updates on their progress. Sponsorship provides The Yellow Backpack for their child, which provides uniforms, shoes, a Bible, and more for a year via our Genesis Project Ministry. Read more • BIBLICAL DISCIPLESHIP: Children are required to attend our weekly Bible Club, which includes games, activities, and Bible stories led by CCM staff, Pastors, or short-term mission teams. Our goal is to not only provide their physical needs but help them experience God's love that will transform their community and culture. • MEDICAL CARE: New for 2020 brings basic medical care for our sponsored children, which includes well-checks, vitamins, and follow up by visiting medical mission teams.

How much of my sponsorship dollars go to help children?

We take your trust in us very seriously. As a member of multiple charity rating organizations (with excellent ratings), we are proud to say 90% of your monthly gift goes directly to help your child and his or her community. A small percentage goes to help with the management of sponsorship in their community.

How do I select a child to sponsor?

Searching for a child to sponsor is an easy process. Click here to search by location, gender, or birthday. As you explore, you will see the child's name, birthday, a short biography, and more. Consider looking for a child that shares the same birthday as a member of your family! Once you select "Sponsor Now," you will be guided through the process of creating a safe and secure account on our website. You have the option to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annually.

I'm in Nicaragua right now on a mission trip with CCM. How do I sponsor a child?

First of all, thank you for serving with us! Please see one of our staff members for your mission team, and they will connect you with our sponsorship coordinator in the community to determine the status of the child (already sponsored, waiting for a sponsor, or a new child).

What happens if my child leaves the program?

Due to the extreme unemployment situation, some families are forced to move away from their community in search of work. If your child moves away from the community we will automatically notify you of the situation by email and phone. We then move your sponsorship to another child in the same barrio who desperatley needs your help. Your new child will be the same age range and gender. We will also send you a new photo of the child. Of course, you will have the opportunity to make changes to your sponsorship.

Why Sponsor a child with CCM?


As a fully accredited member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, we take your trust in us very seriously. CCM has consistently received high marks for accountability and integrity with the major charitable rating groups such as Guidestar and Charity Navigator.

We are a faith-based non-profit that seeks to transform communities,  impact families and create sustainable growth through humanitarian aid, child sponsorship, church planting, drilling wells, education, economic development, short-term mission trips, and more.

CCM is 100% debt-free. We own and operate our own facilities and have a staff of nearly 30 in Nicaragua. More than 12,000 people have served with us as we have provided over 1 million meals, planted 22 churches, developed 28 small businesses and much more!



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